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Is this your company?

  1. Your company is aware that European VAT refunding on employee travel costs and other expenses coming in through accounts payable might mean significant savings, but starting this process may be too much work and take up too much time.
  2. Your company outsources VAT recovery but is never sure what the "yield" is or even what it should be.
  3. You outsource your VAT recovery to a provider who periodically disrupts your business by sending teams of their staff to your offices in order to search through your physical or digital files.
  4. You need a more workable solution and are looking for reliable help from a world-class provider of VAT services who works with large multi-nationals and SME firms. One who would be glad to discuss your concerns and situation on or off the record.

Our Proposal:

  • VATAmerica and our affiliated firm, Taxback International, would be glad to hear from you.
  • We can provide a FREE ANALYSIS of your company's VAT refund potential using readily available electronic data.
  • We can compare your VAT refund potential against the "yield" from your current program.

VATAmerica and TBI together offer seamless VAT recovery and reporting that provides confidence in the integrity, efficiency, and transparency for your VAT recovery program.

Services For Businesses
How It Works
  • Data Capture
    integrated with
    data from Concur,
    Amex, Visa, etc.
    1 Arrange for
    VATAmerica access
    to employee
    expense data.
  • Intelligent data
    analysis through
    TBI Sprinter
    2 Electronic
    data analysis
    computing VAT
    refund potential
  • Comprehensive
    VAT refund
    Reporting is done
    according to
    spend category
    and by country.
    3 Easily
    determines VAT
    refund potential and comparison against
    current program
  • Engage
    VATAmerica and TBI.
    4 Engagements are tailored to your needs and procurement policies.
  • Begin maximum
    VAT recovery
    with accurate
    reporting and
    5 Our Key
    Account Manager
    provides one-stop
    contact assuring
    smooth relations.