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In 1997, VATAmerica established the world's only VAT Recovery Program for the aviation industry. Since that time, we have added new technologies that are designed to identify and capture tax invoicing from fuel suppliers, crew expenses and other operating costs.


Some challenges you may face:

  • VAT and Fuel excise tax charges add up on European trips.
  • You hear vendors talk about "exemptions" and VAT-compliant invoicing.
  • You routinely use one fuel vendor - or many fuel vendors.
  • You make stops in several European countries using several FBO's.

You want to be certain that your European tax costs are minimized with minimal effort for you and your team.

The best solution:

Talk to VATAmerica. We know the industry backwards and forwards. We have developed many of the available tax recovery opportunities  for general aviation operators. Here are some things to consider:
  • We're in daily contact with most European VAT and other tax authorities.
  • We know how to capture necessary vendor invoicing.
  • We are skilled in persuading European tax agencies to grant refunds and the correct way to report results that are best-suited for your kind of operation.
  • We can implement VAT and excise tax (MOT) exemptions for you, so you don't pay these taxes up front.
  • We know which vendors can deliver reliable invoicing and in which countries. This can help minimize your European tax costs.

Why VATAmerica?

  • VATAmerica manages the European VAT and excise tax recovery and exemption for the owners and operators of over 2,000 jet aircraft:
    • Corporate flight departments
    • Aircraft management companies
    • Certain government operators
    • US-based aircraft manufacturers (two)
    • Other aviation-related companies
  • We pioneered recovery of Europe's high fuel excise taxes, usually called "MOT" or "Duties", and we know how to eliminate these taxes when it is possible.
  • We'll help you adapt your tankering calculations so that the high European tax costs of fuel are always considered.
For Aviation Operators
How It Works
Aircraft Operating Expenses
  • Identify Vendors
  • Capture Invoice
    Images and Data
  • Check and Document
    Available VAT Exemptions
  • Submit
    Refund Claims
  • Cash to Client
    net of Fees
Crew Ground Costs - Hotel and Transportation
  • Identify Employee
    Expense Data Source
  • Connect Sprinter
    Data Capture
  • Capture Invoicing From
    Participating Vendors
  • Submit
    Refund Claims
  • Cash to Client
    net of Fees


VATAmerica is proud of our relationships with several of the leading suppliers and vendors to the aviation industry. Our partners recognize that helping customers reduce their European operating costs through our Tax Recovery programs makes excellent business sense.